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The contents users find on Gup Shup World like blogs and articles are informative and helpful to improve their life. The content is interesting and will engage the users for a longer time. These are some policies regarding advertisements that you should know before using the site.

How do we Track the User?

The information of various users of our website is tracked using multiple techniques. When a user visits our website, we save all the information given by the user like IP address, name, email, and password. Using this information, we will track the activities of that user when he re-visits. Browser cookies, flash cookies, and beacons are a few techniques to track a user.

Why do we Track Users?

This information will help Gup Shup World to improve the overall performance of the site. We came to know about the activities performed by various users on the site. The activities they perform will help us to know about their interests. Then according to the interest, the advertisements are shown for that specific user.

What are the Interest-Based Ads?

The ads that are according to the interest of the user are called Interest-Based Ads. These ads are shown to the user so that he can spend more time on the site and will return in the future for more engagements. These ads are also shown by third parties.

The Gup Shup world will not show every advertisement on your website. Only those ads will get published if it is approved by Google AdSense.  These ads will show to the users that have set cookies of the website on their browsers. The cookies will help us to know the interest of the user.

Who else will show the advertisements?

The companies who have a deal with the Gup Shup world as affiliated marketing will also show their ads on our website. They will use the data tracked on our website to show a related advertisement to an interested user.

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