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7 DIY Kidcore Outfits You Can Make at Home

Kidcore outfits are a style that emphasizes vivid colors, fun patterns, and a hint of nostalgia. Make one of these kid-friendly DIY outfits that are simple to make and appropriate for any occasion if you want to get your kids in on the trend. There is something for every child to appreciate, from pastel colors to vibrant designs.

The beauty of the industry and the nature of trying out new looks and outfits that you might otherwise leave untouched excuses us if keeping up with the trends currently feels like an endless loop. Kid core is the shamelessly fun and eclectic trend that encourages us all to embrace our inner child and bring a more-is-more mentality to our wardrobes.

Kid core is the topic of today’s session on trending aesthetics. So let’s put on our biggest, loudest outfits and settle in to learn about the kid core trend and the items to buy right now.

What Is the KidCore Outfits Trend?

Kidcore is what its name implies: playful, kid-friendly, and a lover of bright colors and patterns. Kidcore is the rainbow-fueled trend that is frequently toy-inspired and pushes us to immerse ourselves in a wash of more-is-more apparel. Whereas cottage-core generated a sense of yearning for a country cabin or an escape to the woods. In the post-pandemic era, kid core has developed, showing up on the catwalks and in street-style clothes.

It was even spotted at Afterpay Australian Fashion Week. You may have seen it on fan favorites of kid core Dua Lipa and Bella Hadid, as well as on Harry Styles on occasion. Think Crocs, beaded necklaces, and patchwork knits when considering kid core.

What Are The Staple Items Of The Kid Core Trend?

Now that we have a firm grasp of the guiding principles and overarching motifs of Kidcore, our attention is narrowed to its essential signature appearance. Kidcore is innocent and cheeky whereas Y2K is all about silky, barely-there silhouettes.

Oversized outfits remind you of childhood dress-ups in your parents’ clothes, hand-me-downs that are too big for you, and donning functional items to cause mayhem in the playground. These are the key aesthetics that define the kidcore Outfits trend.

From the perspective of a child, you want to appear to be “cool.” Pink is a neutral color, therefore wearing rainbow-colored clothing and accessories brings back childhood memories of joy. Rainbow everything. I used to always wear a pair of sequined, flowered ballet flats, and I remember how heartbroken I was when they were thrown out because they were my go-to item.

Cartoon graphic t-shirts, mismatched designs, tie-dyed denim, and vibrant knitwear are the staples of the trend, along with beaded jewelry and micro bags. They are unpretentious and open to anyone.

Pastel Power: DIY Tie-Dye T-Shirt and Tutu Skirt!

Any child who enjoys pastel hues will look great in this DIY costume. Start by applying pink, purple, and blue tie dye on a white t-shirt. Then, cut the tulle into strips and tie them to an elastic waistband to make a tutu skirt.

Add some colorful accessories, such as a headband or bracelets, and layer the skirt over the tie-dye shirts. In no time at all, your child will be prepared to rock the pastel trend!

Bold and Bright: DIY Graphic Tee and Patterned Leggings!

This DIY costume is ideal for your child if they enjoy bright colors and vivid prints. Find a white t-shirt that is plain first, then use fabric paint or markers to draw a colorful design on it.

Then, match the shirt with leggings that have a striking pattern, such as stripes or polka dots. Put on a pair of bright baby shoes or sneakers to complete the appearance. On the playground, your child will be the coolest one!

Rainbow Kid Core!

There isn’t a better way to describe Rainbow Kidcore. The ideal kidcore outfits for every occasion, this style is bold, brash, and definitely proud of it. All day at the park, a straightforward long sleeve shirt and jeans look terrific, and during the colder months, a color-blocked padded jacket will keep you warm.

To achieve the best impression, wear a white T-shirt underneath. To retain the emphasis on striking colors, add some white shoes and accessories. This is perfect since you can wear everything you like at once.

Floral Kid Core Fashion!

The floral child’s core suit is striking and appealing. To create a laid-back yet adorable environment, include a flower pattern in the colorful ensemble. For a cheerful spring day, go with a rainbow skirt or pair of shorts and a petal-covered cardigan.

Although this aesthetic is all about using bright colors, it’s okay if you don’t use many of them. Using a black tube little skirt and chunky black platforms, give your ensemble a 90s twist. This appearance is as stunning as a picture, whether the sweater features a single daisy in bloom or a field of roses.

Vintage KidCore Outfits!

Bring some retro kid core into your life to take you back in time. There are various methods to give your wardrobe a retro flair, regardless of whether you were born this century or earlier. Choose the dominant hues of the era, such as yellow, red, and blue, to add to your outfit.

Start by imitating a striking pattern from the era you want to create. For instance, whereas the ’00 have more stripes and big icons, the ’80s and ’90s have more abstract shapes and motifs. Add your favorite denim pinafore, skirt, or shorts to finish the style.

Cartoon Kid Core Fashion Outfits!

The most popular outfit so far is one with cartoon characters. If you’re a big fan of The Simpsons, Mickey Mouse, Betty Boop, or even Kim Possible, you can proudly display your affection with this style because it will make your print go crazy.

By wearing it with a skirt and jacket in a 90s aesthetic, you can repeat and mix and match the pattern. Wear something neutral in your clothing and focus on the main parts of your look if you want a minimalist approach.

90’s Kid Core!

The aesthetic of Kidcore is heavily influenced by nostalgia for the 1990s. The TV shows and toys that many people experienced growing up, such as Lisa Frank, Hasbro, and Mattel, as well as Beanie Babies, were among this era’s largest inspirations.

Even though they debuted in the 1930s, several TV programs, including Sesame Street and Looney Tunes, continue to influence fashion. This is made possible by the fact that the primary colors red, blue, and yellow are frequently utilized and may be included in casual outfits.

Choose a three-color blockage with everyday items like jeans or business attire if you want to rock this trend. For the best impact, stick with stripes, strong patterns, or anything that brings back childhood memories.

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