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Your personal information is handled carefully by GupShup World, and it is never disclosed without your permission. This privacy statement explains everything you need to know about privacy statements and how the law protects you in that regard.

Who We Are?

GupShup World (“us”, “we”, or “our”) operates the website (the “Service”). This privacy policy will tell you how we manage and use your personal information when you visit our website. We will manage your information as mentioned below and will not share it with anyone.

Our Principles

  • We do our best to protect your personal information and don’t share it with anyone without your permission. We use appropriate security measures when we outsource any processes, so you need not worry about your identifiable information.
  • We take care of your privacy policy and when it comes to receiving marketing emails you’ll get them from GupShup World only.
  • You’ll get emails from us from time to time to enquire queries and send you reminders, copyrights, or warnings.
  • We will ask for individual details only when it is needed for business purposes and will use your identifiable information where it is necessary and legal to use.
  • We make clear dealing with our users and there wouldn’t be any doubts that how we will collect your information and for what purpose we will use it.
  • We ensure the security of your data and will use it only for the purpose it was collected originally.

If you are using our website this means that you agree with our policy to collect your information and use it for improving the performance of the website and providing better services.

Website Visitors

Like other similar types of websites, the Gup Shup world gets the information of the users that web browsers and servers typically make available, like the date and time of visitors, browser type, language preference, and referring sites. This information does not help get the personal information about the user like his name, location, or any payment methods. This information is not to share with other sites or companies. It is collected for a better understanding of how users use the website, for what purpose they use it, and from where they are using it. The Gup Shup World releases this information from time to time in aggregate as reports on trends in the usage of the site.

The Gup Shup World will collect the personal information like IP address, email id, name, and password of those who apply for a subscription, newsletter, or comment on a post. But this information is not visible to anyone outside the company. Even this information is only visible to the administrator of the website.

Information Collection

The Gup Shup World collects different types of information about the user depending on how they are interacting with the website. The amount and time of the information depend on the nature of using the website. For example, we may ask your email id for subscribing to newsletters and updates on the website. If you want to comment on a post your email, name, and website address may be asked. This personal information will not share with anyone as mentioned above. The user can also have the option of refusing to provide any personal information while commenting on the post.

Aggregated Statistics

The Gup Shup World will sometimes collect statistical information about the activities and behavior of the user on the website. The information may be shared publically or on other websites. However, the company will not share personal information with others as mentioned above.


This is the information the website stores on the computer, app, or browser of the user every time he visits the website. The Gup Shup world uses cookies to identify the user and track the time and place of visitors, their behavior on the site, and their website access preference. The user can block the cookies from the browser but it is strongly advised not to do. By blocking the cookies some of the functionalities will not work properly as several functions need cookies.

Cookies are the files that save the data of visitors whenever they visit our website. We use cookies to track your activities and the identifiable information that you provide on our blog. Cookies are sent to your browser and after your visit, all the information about activities is stored in your computer’s hardware.
Although you can refuse to use cookies or set them from your browser settings. You can accept a few cookies or refuse all cookies. But not accepting any cookies will result in not showing some or all parts of our website.


Most advertisement agencies set cookies on your computer for their advertisements on our website. This will help them to recognize the user and provide advertisements according to the interest of the user. The privacy policy will cover the use of cookies of the Gup Shup World and does not cover the use of cookies of the advertising company.

What Legal Guidelines do we Base Our Processing on?

We must have a valid cause for processing your personal data in order to do so. The GDPR outlines these legitimate grounds for collecting, using, and storing personal data by organizations. Some of the legal bases serve as our foundation:

  • If you are one of our visitors, such as an article reader or event participant, we will process your personal information on the theory that it is required for us to offer you our information.
  • In certain circumstances, we process your personal information only with your express consent. You have the option to withdraw your agreement at any time in cases where you have voluntarily accepted and “opted-in,” such as when you asked to receive marketing emails from us.
  • Your personal data may need to be processed and shared by us in order to meet our legal responsibilities, preserve our rights, or protect the rights of others. For tax or financial reporting purposes, for instance, we must get certain information from you in order to process your membership payment.

Children’s Online Privacy Policy Act (COPPA)

The Gup Shup World will restrict children under the age of 13 to use the website. We will not collect any personal information of these minors willingly. Sometimes children provide personally identifying information to the website. If the parent or graduate requests, the company will remove the information from the server.


Although we acknowledge that some of our publications, such as those in our Kids Fashion category, may appeal to a younger audience, our information is not intended for children and are instead for a general audience. We have taken proactive steps to ensure that we follow by all applicable rules and regulations across our portfolio, and we never intentionally collect or send marketing messages to children under the age of thirteen. Additionally, we have one brand, To ensure that we collect and use this data in accordance with applicable laws, we have put in place special measures, like obtaining parental consent.

Californians’ right to privacy

Only residents of California are covered by this section. It explains how we obtain, use, and disclose California residents’ Personal Information for business operations as well as their rights with regard to that Personal Information.

Personal information has the same definition as in the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (“CCPA”), as amended by the California Privacy Rights Act of 2020 (“CPRA”), for the purposes of this section. It excludes data that is legally accessible from records maintained by the federal, state, or local governments; de-identified or aggregated data; and data that is outside the purview of the CCPA/CPRA.

Privacy Policy Changes

Change is necessary if you want to cope with the modern developing world. There the Gup Shup will bring slight changes in the privacy policy from time to time. The Gup Shup World encourages users to frequently check this page for any change in the privacy policy. If you are subscribed to the newsletter you will be informed on your email address for changes and updates. If you continue using the website after changing the policy, it will be considered that you have accepted it.

Double Click Cookies

Google is an ad provider and uses cookies to show you ads, Google used double click cookies to show you ads that are according to your interest. It uses cookies to track your activities and then shows you ads that are engaging for you. If you don’t want to continue using this you can stop using it by changing your preferences from the Google Ad settings webpage.

Contact us

If you have any doubts or queries regarding this privacy policy contact us at:

Your Legal Rights
  • You have access to a number of rights thanks to various data protection laws:
  • You have the right to request access to and a copy of the personal information we maintain about you.
  • Additionally, if there are any errors in your personal data, you can ask to have them corrected. Even if we periodically update your information, you can still ask that we make any necessary corrections.
  • You can always ask for your data to be removed or deleted from our system, albeit there’s a chance we won’t be able to do so right away.
  • When we attempt to use your personal data for anything, you have the right to object.
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