Cookies Privacy

Cookies are the information stored on the computer, cell phone, tablet, applications, or browsers every time a user uses any website. There are different types of information that are tracked by the cookies. Some information is non-personal like browser type, IP address, time, place of visitor, behavior on the site, or access preferences. Some information is personal like name, email, country, or cell number.

The Gup Shup World uses cookies to make the services favorable for the users. The cookies save the information of the users and make searching easy. It will present the ads that are appropriate for a specific user. It will show the advertisements related to the interests.

Podsolization Cookies

The cookies which save your personal information are podsolization cookies. The cookies Gup Shup World will track include how you arrive at our website, what pages on the site you view, the type of information you type on our site, and the options you select. The information will track not for the first-time visitor, but the visitors who visit multiple times.

Analytics Cookies

Different types of users visit our website. They behave differently. Come visit for one time and then leaves. Some people visit a page and move around to other pages of the website. The analytics cookies are the activities of the later type of users who move around the website. This helps the Gup Shup World to the type of content more users enjoy. Hence we can improve our content according to the interest of the users.

Social Media Cookies

We have some social media website sharing on our websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and other companies. These social media networks have their cookie policies. We don’t have any control over these cookies.

Site Management Cookies

The types of cookies that help the Gup Shup World to manage the sessions and identity of the visitors are site management cookies. This will help us to identify some users in some activities like voting on any opinion. Sometimes we don’t want to post abusive or spam comments on our site. These cookies will help us to do so.

Type of Data Track in Cookies

Gup Shup World will collect various types of data from the visitors

  • Your ID which includes name, date of birth, gender, username
  • Your Contact details like email id, address, cell phone
  • Payment Details which include credit card, bank detail, online payment method
  • Technical Data e.g. IP address, type of browser, version of browser
  • Profile Information like your interest, preferences, and pages you visit on the site
  • Demographic Details e.g. continent, country, city

If you are not comfortable sharing some personal information with Gup Shup World you can’t access all parts of the website.

Methods to Collect Data

Various methods are used to collect the data from the visitors Some data are collected automatically when you interact with the Gup Shup World website. The methods like cookies and server logs are used. There are some forms to be filled out while commenting on the post.

You have to give some basic information about yourself like your email, and name. You also share your email when you want to subscribe to the newsletter. Your data will be saved in the cookies.

What is the Purpose of Collecting Data

These data will help us to manage our website. The Gup Shup world will know what type of content is catching the interest of the visitors more. This way we will improve our content. The data collected from the user is also to send notifications about the changes in terms and conditions, privacy policy, cookies policy, and advertisement policy.

Another purpose of tracking the data of the users is to show the relevant advertisements to the users according to the interest and the behavior they show on your site. The collected data is used to improve the functionality of the Gup Shup World website by asking for suggestions and comments from the users.

Your Data is Secured

We always do our best to keep your data safe and secure. Gup Shup World will not share or sell your data to any other party. Even, all the employees in the company don’t have access to the personal and non-personal data of the users. Only a few authorized employees can have limited access. These employees will use data confidentially.